Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New Guardian Office

Had some time to log in today and I see that anonymous has finally found this place. I removed anything that was written by them, but kept anything interesting or thoughtful. As you might expect, not much was worth keeping. I knew it was only a matter of time before they found this site. I will continue to remove any postings by anonymous without warning.

But I have more to talk about than that. A lot has happened since my last post and much progress has been made towards a new beginning for Scientology. I have been in comm with seven other Scientologists and we have agreed to work together to fight the problems facing the Church. We are forming the New Guardian Office, or NGO from here on out. The NGO will initially be hatted with bringing new organization to the Church and the removal of COB. Anonymous is a big problem, but after discussion, we agreed that COB is the biggest problem standing in the way of Scientology at the moment. Our goal is to replace COB with effective leadership that can turn the situation around with membership and reversing some of the changes COB has made to Scientology. Handling of Anonymous can commence once COB is removed from his post.

I am not going to post many details because we have to be careful. COB is clearly unwilling to step back and let someone more fitting run the church, so we are going to have to step carefully until we have enough momentum to be unstoppable.

There are a few rules on who can be part of the NGO. You must be an OT. You must be a Scientologist in good standing and you cannot have ever left and come back. Former members, apostates, and squirrels need not apply.

You must be discreet and willing to follow NGO directives. Comm will be done via email only until we have the strength to operate openly.

Our short term goals are to start with taking control of the orgs or as much of the orgs as possible before moving into the open. Once we have enough strength, we can move openly to remove COB and OSA and replace them with NGO leadership. There will be no more COB once we have removed David Miscavige from his post. A council made up of long time OT's will serve to control all the copyrights and funds of Scientology and the capable Scientologists will be hatted by the council to oversee various important parts of the church such as Flag, VM, Bridge Publications, etc. The days of one point of leadership will be gone and the church can move back to the original goal of clearing this planet and the dissemination of Scientology.

That is all I am willing to divulge at this time. We will grow carefully but we will grow. We must succeed for the sake of all Scientologists.


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  3. Hello. The possibility of a coup within Scientology speaks of your resolve and commitment to the ideals set forth by Hubbard.

    While certainly guilt by association is a credible and important moral consideration, there are members of Anonymous who will cease to be an issue should your new leadership stop the abuses of the Church of Scientology- fair game, freeloader debt, child labor and education transgressions, as well as the blatant misappropriation of funds you despise as well.

    The simple fact that I associate with a group whose members may decide to commit illegal activities against the Church of Scientology is no different than your association with the Church of Scientology that commits illegal activities against its own membership.

    Not every member of either group is with evil intent. By branding every member of a group by the actions of another also within that group is to incriminate yourself.

    After all, you heard Miscavige speak. You hoped to hear orders and direction for the group you're a part of.

    Instead you were gravely disappointed.

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  5. Psychiatry/psychiatry used to attack Scientology rather fiercly in the beginning so there is a good reason LRH started this war against them. And really, there is a lot of messed up stuff that field does.

    But here's the thing... that war was over a long time ago. They stopped fighting Scientology. But like everything else, COB takes it to the extreme and keeps on fighting even if the enemies are no longer there. He loves to mock up new enemies. And he does it in such a dumb way as to actually damage Scientology's image so that the war does the exact opposite of what it tries to achieve.

    I mean why does anyone need to claim there is no chemical imbalance? The drugs for that are waaaay overperscribed and they have no good way of knowing who has a chemical imbalance so sure, they do more harm than good. But even if there was such a thing, who's to say a thetan could not have caused the chemical imbalance themselves because of engrams or what have you? Really, COB and his posse are just automatically negating anything that field says without even thinking. They assume that every word they say must be wrong without even looking.

    Here's the bottom line: Are we here to fight psychology and put out fires or are we here to move people up the bridge and clear the planet? I know what which I'm going to keep my concentration on!

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  10. Well, good luck with your endeavor. The problem is, as soon as any of your members are discovered trying to take over an org, they will be declared, and therefore no longer "in good standing" and therefore ineligible for your group. It's self defeating. Think it through - if you are in opposition to Miscavige, then you are no longer "in good standing" with his Church. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

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  12. Let me help you out here.

    DM owns worldwide copyrights on everything Hubbard has ever written and had published, privately or publicly. He got them when he sued the Hubbard family after L Ron's death. This means that DM is the only person who can determine who publishes Hubbard's work and he receives a portion of any profits (as stipulated in the publication contracts, most of which he was part of writing initially or had a chance to revise in subsequent copyright renewals). Since everything Scientology related was published after 1949, this means that the copyright is good for up to 95 years, meaning Dianetics won't go out of copyright until 2045 and most other things until later.

    DM's hold on the copyright is sacroscent; it lasts until he dies or the copyright ends (whichever comes first). If he dies with the copyright still intact, it goes to whomever is listed as the beneficiary in his will. Even if he goes to prison, you still need his permission to publish, copy, and distribute anything written by L Ron Hubbard. And you need to pay him a percentage of your earnings. If you don't, you could go to jail for copyright violation.

    So, essentially, he owns Scientology.

    The only way I could conceive is for him to die and you to sue his heirs for control over his estate, a no-doubt long legal battle as his estate is undoubtedly worth billions.

    For more on this, read:

    (similar laws apply in the UK, Canada, Australia, India, and other English-language markets. Translations are also applicable under copyright and subject to the laws of the country they are printed and sold in)

    Good luck.