Thursday, November 19, 2009

Current attacks

First I want to address a few questions about the NGO. When I say members in good standing, the current members of the NGO council will determine what that is. We also will be the ones to get in comm with those who we think it would be safe and useful to bring aboard. This is best said by the classic phrase don't call us, we will call you. The NGO is not for anybody. As we expand to more membership, we will be creating a new group for those who want to simply help out. We will certainly need the help when we take on Anonymous.

There is so much ability in all of us, we can do anything if we work as a team. COB does not know the meaning of teamwork. He gives his speeches and everyone smiles and claps, but only because they know they will be sent to ethics if they do not. Everybody knows that COB is failing to handle Anonymous and making questionable decisions and ever more demands for money. All for projects that never quite get finished or that take far longer than they should for the amount of money and labor involved. I've been in business long enough to know when money is being mishandled. The more research I do, the more appalling the mismanagement becomes to me. COB is not using Scientology's resources efficiently or effectively. He has no plan or the attacks would have stopped already and the Church would be growing. Now the situation is growing worse.

An Australian senator has come out with a fistful of lies spread by Anonymous and apostates. The media has been spreading lies and false data about Scientology non stop since Anonymous first attacked the church. None of this has been handled at all with the exception of a few court cases. I have read that one of the masked idiots finally went to prison for attacking church websites. But one is not enough. If that is the best COB can do after two years, it is time for him to go. The NGO is collecting what information we can on this senator and his connections. He may just be duped by the claims of Anonymous and their apostate friends. The constant attacks in the media are not helping and many are drawing wrong conclusions.

When Scientology finally has good leadership again, we must get the media under control and stop the attacks. This should be handled the way it was in 1991 with the attacks by Time Magazine. Make them put up or shut up in court and never give any ground to attackers. That is the way it must be done.

With Anonymous, no quarter should be given. Each one will be identified and their crimes discovered. The only way to make any form of grace with the church for them will be to sign a contract of eternal length swearing to stop their attacks on the church. They must also sign affidavits declaring their past statements false.

Anyone who will not sign will be placed on Church watch lists and their crimes investigated and exposed.

That is the way to handle enemies. You have to root them out into the open and find their crimes and then they are easily handled. As time goes by and we handle more and more of them, the rest will stop their attacks and hope we never discover who they are. LRH wrote much on the subject of handling attacks on the Church. I wonder if COB has even read any of it?

In the meantime there are ways to at least slow down some of their attacks. I have learned that they have been placing pamphlets in Scientology books in libraries. I visited my local library and removed the cards I found. I showed them to the library staff and explained about how the hate group is leaving them in the books and defacing them. They will now be watching that section and hopefully catch them in the act of their vandalism and report them to the police.

As we get more Scientologists on board, we will be asking them to do the same in their local cities. It is a small step, but as we gain strength, we will be able to do more and more to actually start handling the problem of Anonymous and attacks by the media.

This is all I have time for tonight. The NGO is taking up what little spare time I have now, leaving little time to write on the internet.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New Guardian Office

Had some time to log in today and I see that anonymous has finally found this place. I removed anything that was written by them, but kept anything interesting or thoughtful. As you might expect, not much was worth keeping. I knew it was only a matter of time before they found this site. I will continue to remove any postings by anonymous without warning.

But I have more to talk about than that. A lot has happened since my last post and much progress has been made towards a new beginning for Scientology. I have been in comm with seven other Scientologists and we have agreed to work together to fight the problems facing the Church. We are forming the New Guardian Office, or NGO from here on out. The NGO will initially be hatted with bringing new organization to the Church and the removal of COB. Anonymous is a big problem, but after discussion, we agreed that COB is the biggest problem standing in the way of Scientology at the moment. Our goal is to replace COB with effective leadership that can turn the situation around with membership and reversing some of the changes COB has made to Scientology. Handling of Anonymous can commence once COB is removed from his post.

I am not going to post many details because we have to be careful. COB is clearly unwilling to step back and let someone more fitting run the church, so we are going to have to step carefully until we have enough momentum to be unstoppable.

There are a few rules on who can be part of the NGO. You must be an OT. You must be a Scientologist in good standing and you cannot have ever left and come back. Former members, apostates, and squirrels need not apply.

You must be discreet and willing to follow NGO directives. Comm will be done via email only until we have the strength to operate openly.

Our short term goals are to start with taking control of the orgs or as much of the orgs as possible before moving into the open. Once we have enough strength, we can move openly to remove COB and OSA and replace them with NGO leadership. There will be no more COB once we have removed David Miscavige from his post. A council made up of long time OT's will serve to control all the copyrights and funds of Scientology and the capable Scientologists will be hatted by the council to oversee various important parts of the church such as Flag, VM, Bridge Publications, etc. The days of one point of leadership will be gone and the church can move back to the original goal of clearing this planet and the dissemination of Scientology.

That is all I am willing to divulge at this time. We will grow carefully but we will grow. We must succeed for the sake of all Scientologists.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Washington DC Event

I went to the DC event to see COB speak. I wanted to hear his plans, see if he had anything worthwhile to say. I wasn't surprised when he had little more to say than the same empty promises and lies. But the setting was more important than the speech. The new DC Ideal Org looks great! But the way the ceremony was done was not. I have literature claiming there would be 5000 Scientologists there. I came to help make that number. There was not near that many. Certainly fewer than 1000. But we were still numerous enough we should have had an open ceremony to show the world who we are and what we are and that we still have strength. But COB chose instead to hide us behind ugly white tarps surrounding the event. What a farce! And all because a handful of masked idiots outside.

COB gives his speech while he and the rest of us cower behind a crudely erected wall! What kind of message does that send? Anyone coming by from outside would see this enormous wall around the building and it would only highlight the masked idiots outside. Instead of seeing their pitiful small band of suppressives next to a throng of Scientologists, the world saw a group of suppressives keeping us penned in a makeshift barrier. What a joke we must look like to the world. This is why COB must GO! This is why David Miscavige, yes I will use his name, needs to step down or be pulled down. LRH would not have had us cowering behind sheets because of a few SPs. This is why I am writing this blog.

As for the so called Anonymous, they came closer than should have been allowed and made enough noise to be heard at times over the crowd. Their jeers became increasingly loud after the speech by COB. I just wanted to go out there and turn a hose pipe on them.

In my next article, I will explain how I would deal with Anonymous and I also will be announcing I have found others of the same mind as myself. I am not the only one who wants COB removed and new leadership installed. More later.