Sunday, October 11, 2009

Incompetence of the highest order

I promised a post the day after my last, but I was afraid. I almost deleted this several times. This is going to cause a huge flap if it gets out, and if I am found out, I will be in trouble. But I can't stay silent. I must press on because Scientology depends on someone standing up and saying what needs to be said.

Anonymous. They seem to be everywhere these days. They certainly did a year ago. I've never seen so many people marching against Scientology before. I've been looking online at pictures of the protests. We have been told not to, but I am anyway because as a Scientologist, I need to know more about my attackers. We have been told that Anonymous is run by the psychs. They are paid different amounts depending on who you talk to. I've talked to some contacts I can trust in other orgs and every one is getting a slightly different story. That by itself is troubling. No one seems to know the real truth behind them.

Their attacks are often juvinile and at times so stupid I find it hard to believe even a child could come up with them. Often the seem very loosely organized, showing up in a trickle rather than as a single group. Other times they seem incredibly organized and prepared to attack. How much depends more on where you go. This doesn't seem very organized over all. Locally they can be very organized but natitonally and internationally, the organization seems looser than it should be if organized psychiatry was behind this. Something isn't right here. The same goes with the stories of the pay. Right now the world economy is a mess and people are more desperate than ever. Certainly if there was pay involved, we would be seeing greater numbers of people rather than less. So what is the reason story behind Anonymous? Psych paid attackers, or just a bunch of hooligans from the internet?

Which ever it is, they are not being handled. We are hiding from them and on orders from above. David Miscavige would have us hide behind curtains and blinds rather than face down this threat. What has happened to LRH policy regarding attacks? Are we abandoning policy now? What goes next, KSW? Where does it end? Why are we letting these kids back us into a corner?

My answer to all of this is incompetence. Pure incompetence at the top levels of Scientology. David Miscavige is running everything and he seems incapable or unwilling to do anything about Anonymous. If the psychs are behind this, we should be able to fight them. We have been so successful in the past. Why are we having trouble with them now? And if this really is just a bunch of hooligans who get together online and make trouble for people, then it speaks even more volumes about the utter incompetence of our leadership.

Anonymous needs to be crushed. The media needs to be handled because they are spreading false data on a daily basis about us. We need solid leadership who will step up and make a plan to handle all this and execute it in accordance to LRH policy. If things continue the way they are going, we are going to start losing the battle for this planet and getting the momentum going our way again will be nearly impossible.


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  3. Anonymous doesn't need to be "crushed." It's the wrong target. You are saying this in response to black PR put out by David Miscavige that Anonymous is a huge evil force... takes one to know one and Miscavige is using himself for the model he sees in others. Anonymous is just a bunch of regular people, concerned citizens. You are going to crush "concerned citizens"? That's never going to happen.

    Here is what is going to happen: Someone is going to have to LISTEN to what these concerned citizens are concerned about. And then someone is going to have to do something about that, and that does not mean hiding behind white sheets, or calling more cops.

    The concerned citizens who are anonymous out of self preservation are concerned because any fool on the outside looking in on the Church of Scientology sees this: a rats nest of criminality and abuse. That's the problem. And, that is the source of the problem.

    As any Scientologist should know, to make the problem vanish one has to be able to spot the source of it. Handle the source and the problem vanishes.

    Contrary to what Miscavige tells Scientologists (so he can pry greater and greater donations out of us) the concerned citizens of Anonymous are not evil, craven, suppressive persons. They are decent people going out of their way to help others. Personally, I find that amazing.

    Go out among them. They are friendly, happy, interested, hardworking, intelligent, like helping others...

    Damn, they're all the things we used to say about Scientologists. And ask them who they are fighting... they'll tell you about staff being abused in the Church of Scientology, about David Miscavige abusing his power.

    The problem is the Church of Scientology has been subverted by a self-appointed dictator named David Miscavige who is involved in all manner of criminal activity the like of which may wind him up in prison for the rest of his miserable life. Start to open your eyes. The evidence is all around you.

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  5. Psych paid attackers? That's an interesting spin on things to say the least. Is there a central psychiatry firm that hands out checks on a weekly basis?

    "Crushing" a movement like Anonymous is laughable. These are free people that speak their minds and have fun doing it. The more they are resisted, the more fun they have. No amount of harrassment, black PR, bad press or legal threats will ever make a dent in their will to continue.

    The teachings of Scientology are a bunch of common sense addages that are given a complicated spin and are turned into paid courses. Realize the truth. This is a moneymaking scheme. How many other churches require an amount anywhere close to what you pay in Scientology, for assistance? None.

    David Miscavige led Scientology directly to this point. His mistreatment of it's members and mishandling of public relations has distanced the public from Scientology, and we now see that's exactly what he wanted. The further you are from logical individuals, the more money he makes.

    Please wake up. Please wake up. Please wake up.